Sunset Freak!

hey ya! dont think no ppl are hiya to myself then..ahahahah! im enjoying my off-day from part-time today..huh~ kind of weird..its always like 11pm when arrive home,but today 6 30pm? blogging at oltown? haha..best2..but the enjoiment soon will be ended though..TOMORROW start day off of 5 days part-timing.heh~ nice la..the pay is NICE! (ahahah).

dreaming of canon EOS lately ;)) so,wit my salary and all(the ona gave me a green lite :P )..shud be appropriate to get it..ahahahah! bestla,when planning for the perfect work when still studying.. "i wanna be a graphic designer!".. "i wanna be a web designer!".. and "i wanna be a roxsta! no work for me!"..kind of man..ahahha! work is not as easy u spell it,wit only 4 words? ahahah..fren of mine been looking for work for 3 months now..been askin,travelin to different the end.u shud be working la! heh! the work is like politics~ u will brag about them but to do is whole another bullcrap~ aahaha! k then.ill be going. (been sleeping from blogging to shoot new pictures. :D )

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