HDR Beybeh! :D

Yes2! Kind of have the time for 2 only (lazy is my friend you know) first is a scenery from Pulau Perhentian aaand the second one is actually a coral reef also in Pulau Perhentian..For your info I went to the center of the ocean (since Pulau Perhentian is a bay,cetek la :D ) to get this shot..hoho! Hurm..I used PhotoMatix Pro (yahah!) to produce this.If you guys are nice..Maybe I should put up the download link for this hard-to-get software.. :P

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izzAt Ruslan said...

sharing is caring.. hehehe..
i currently used Adobe PS3 for HDR rendering.. the result was quite ok but i think it much more better if we use photomatix..

mind to share the software? uhhu..

Belle said...

aneh-aneh btu karang itu

shasha shukor said...

i nak adopt all your cameras pls!

sapimoto said...

Nice capture...
May I learn some basics of photograpy here?

_s.u.e.r.i.e said...

hey.. nice shot, a great try!
nway like the 1st commentor said, sharing is caring aite? mayb u wanna hv a look at these webbies of friends of mine.. maybe u can start to share ur knowledge/tips n exchange with theirs


and for this one, more to experimental trial.. www.flickr.com/photos/wakdaniel

hv fun!!

Ashley said...

Wow, that top one is a Gorgeous photo! Thanks for visiting my blog!