Stop! You have exceeded the Speed Limit!

Yes..been away for a week now..haha! a week only..been thinking of new shots,angle,style of photography..huu..Its not just for the blog,its also a way of learnin (eceyh..poyo lak~) And then the time keeps intruding..Ok.this time I think I go for speed-shots..not that good pictures but we try our ass off..hehe..ok then..very sleepy all the sudden,still got to watch Duyung (yes..pirated) haha! Hopefully nothin comes up at work tomorrow~ :D

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Dark Angi3 said...

wahahhah.... seronok2! hebat!

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Hey Dean... these photos are so nice. I wonder if you use a special kind of projector to come up with these... There seems to be a light in the middle of each photo. It emphasized the character.

Knuspi said...

The Pics with the little figures are cute :)

Tara Graphic said...

hey i got a venom bear brick!

Darling Luna said...

picture picture ini chantek :)