OE Experimentasi!

halo..its me Dean.Yes im still alive (thanks for askin dude) but a bit slow.Work suddenly came crushing on me like im in need of these work? No! ..I must say so.The company is joining an event next week at Jaya One (yes2..cool event..check out Sheera's blog) We are opening a clothing booth (and another 1 booth of ours.heh! BEBAS!).Yah..sonds interesting la but then all the preparations just started this week..nice la when work done by 2 people instead of 6 people? (or more?) haduh..We both designs,meet the supplier,take the things from supplier (which is next wednesday..which also mark the 3rd time we went to Jalan Brunei in a WEEK!) oh.im a designer ye not despatcheur~ ..I done it anyway..hoping next week will be better..adoi!

*OE = over exposure


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